Olivia Fu Bio Image

Olivia Fu grew up in Piedmont, California. From a young age she began drawing and creating stories. Even as child, on long car rides, she would look out the window and daydream about the possible adventures that lay beyond her routine life. Writing stories and drawing were an escape for her, a way to create adventure where ever she was.

Olivia Fu is a muralist, illustrator, and Teaching Artist. She earned her BFA in painting from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She taught mural painting for nonprofit organization, Groundswell and New York history through art for the New York Historical Society Museum. Olivia uses storytelling when teaching and believes that stories incite meaningful experiences. She is interested in writing stories that inspire curiosity, that represent more complex themes for young readers. She enjoys writing about the importance of family and unlikely friendships, while tying in an element of adventure. Olivia has just completed her first children’s book, “Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt”, published by Tumblehome learning.

Fu now lives in California. When she is not writing or painting, you might find her hiking, wandering around a library, or cooking with friends in her cozy home.